Range in a Box

Students: Rob Pariseau
Past: Louis Hychko, Ryan Ignaciuk, Danielle Ilsley

The “Cyber Range In a Box” (CRIB) is a collection of Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted on two modestly configured laptops to host the VMs. A network switch connects these laptops to additional equipment such as security cams and computers for paticipants that allow simulation of a portion of the computer systems commonly used to support maritime port operations. Connection to the broader internet can be allowed if desired but it is not needed. The CRIB provides domain name servers, email, and web services; additional VMs provide support for CCTV/video monitoring, electronic badge readers, and an Automatic Information System (AIS), which can be deployed as needed. CRIB support for "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" (SCADA) systems, including power distribution and physical control systems will be the subject of future work.

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