Digital Barbarians

Students: Neil Cochran, John Couch, Robert Pariseau, Nickolas Spear
Past: Michael Wong

The Digital Barbarians project is an endeavour by the MCSC to create educational tools that provide any user with basic, hands-on experience with common cyber security threats. Digital Barbarians currently hosts two games, Kracken and The Phishing Game, to which show common password cracking and phishing attempts at work, respectively.

Kracken is a game meant to display the common password-cracking methods of brute-force checking and rainbow table attacks. Users are asked to create a password, strongly encouraged to be one which they don't currently use but would determine as reasonable, and submit it to the Kracken for testing. Kracken, with a literal presentation of these attacks, encrypts the password using common hashing functions and sends it to various modules, written in Python and C, to expose it to brute-force and rainbow table attacks. The user then gets to see how effective the password was against the attacks and gets to compare their results to other passwords seen by Kracken.

The Phishing Game is a game that simulates the subtleties of email Phishing attacks. Users that enter the game are presented with a series of simulated emails and are asked to deem each as either a normal, phishing, or spear phishing email. With information and tips provided by the phishing game, the team hopes to educate users on common ways used to hide malicious components within phishing emails and how to spot and avoid them.

In the future, the Digital Barbarians team looks to not only increase the robustness of these current tools to better mimic all common types of these attacks, but also looks to expand to educational tools for anyone to use.

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