Degree Programs

Visit Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity to learn more about the University of Maine System's shared degree program. The program, in conjunction with MCSC, has been recognized by the NSA as a distributed Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecuriy Education and Cyber Defense.

Degree Programs at USM

USM Department of Technology:

Cyber Security, BS


Course Descriptions

USM Department of Computer Science:


Course Descriptions

Degree Programs in the University of Maine System

  • University of Maine
    • Computer Science, BS, BA, MS, PhD
    • Computer Engineering, BS, MS, PhD
  • UMS at Augusta
    • Computer Information Systems, BS, Associates, with concentration in Information Systems Security
    • Cyber Security, BS
    • Information Systems Security, Certificate
  • UMS at Farmington
    • Computer Science, BA
  • UMS at Fort Kent
    • Computer Applications, BS, with concentration in Information Assurance/Security
    • Computer Science, Associates
    • Cyber Security, BS
    • Information Security, Associates, Certificate

Degree Programs in the Maine Community College System

  • Central Maine CC
    • Computer Technology, Associates, Certificate
    • Network Administration, Certificate
    • Network Security/Computer Forensics, Associates
    • Server Administration, Certificate
  • Eastern Maine CC
    • Computer Systems Technology, Associates
  • Northern Maine CC
    • Computer & Network Technology, Associates, Certificate
  • Southern Maine CC
    • Computer Information Security, Associates
    • Computer Science, Associates
    • Information Technology, Associates
  • Washington County CC
    • Computer Technology, Associates
    • Network Security/Computer Forensics, Associates
  • York County CC
    • Computer Science, Associates
    • Information Security, Certificate
    • Information Technology, Associates
    • Networked System Technology, Certificate
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