Student Samuel Barton Presents at Thinking Matters

On April 22nd, 2016, MCSC Student Samuel Barton presented at USM's annual student research symposium, Thinking Matters.

Virtualization Management and the Open Source World

Virtual machines are an incredibly powerful technology, but when a system of virtual machines becomes large, or complex virtual networking is required, one must turn to a virtual machine hypervisor manager to handle them. In the past the only options were paid products like Xen or VMWare’s Sphere; however, the open source community has now produced oVirt, a free, and feature-rich hypervisor manager. Interestingly, this software exposes an issue in the open source world. Open source does not mean cross-platform, even across distributions of Linux.

Samuel Barton: Virtualization Management and the Open Source World

Samuel Barton
Samuel Barton presenting at Thinking Matters 2016