Neil Cochran

Computer Science, Minor in Biology

During Neil's time at MCSC, he has enjoyed learning many new skills and technologies such as Python, JavaScript, virtualization, and greatly increased his knowledge in C and networking. Neil has also participated in multiple events like Maine Technical Users Group (MTUG), a talk for STEM highschool students in Maine, and 'Dante's Coffee Shop'. Projects Neil has contributed to include a password tester, an email phishing game, and CyberBlip.

John Couch

Information Technology

John has been a part of MCSC since Spring of 2016 and has directed most of his energy towards building, maintaining, and documenting the Betaport project, a virtual town, which MCSC uses for Cyber Corps - a cyber security training exercise. Through this project, he’s been able to apply the knowledge he’s gained in the classroom by working in a hands on environment. He’s also learned a lot about things that aren’t explicitly taught, like documentation, communication, and leadership skills.

Lily Marvin

Computer Science

A strong member of the METI team, Lily has worked to learn web development through HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to provide key front-end features to the METI project.

Robert Pariseau

Information Technology, Minor in Computer Science

Robert joined MCSC just over a year ago where he joined the Betaport team. While on the Betaport team, he helped to build Betaport into the virtual city it is today. He was one of many responsible for setting up fictional company networks within Betaport while developing applications and deploying technologies that would be found in the real world. One of his noted projects while on the Betaport team was the design of Port Hosting Authority Cloud Service (PHACS), a cloud service to be implemented within Betaport. Robert is now currently heading up the Mobile Range and Digital Barbarians, leading a team of developers in building tools used for cyber security. His team is currently working on Kraken, a password tool that operates over the network, and a Phishing game designed to bring awareness.

Katrina Sabochick

Pure Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science

Katrina is currently the team leader for the Metropolitan Event Training Interface (METI) project, which simulates crises and disasters in a city to help train clients in emergency response. Within METI, she is working to help design the city interface, as well as forming the foundation for the simulation engine that will be used to run scenarios for clients. Since joining this project, Katrina has worked with multiple programming languages including C, C++, JavaScript, and styling with HTML/CSS to help develop the METI system. For a more comprehensive overview of METI, please go to the METI project page.

Nickolas Spear

Pure Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science

Working on both METI and Digital Barbarians projects, Nick loves the excellent oppurtinities to learn beyond course curricula at the MCSC. C++, R, Python, and Javascript, and core fundamentals of computer networks play strong roles in both projects that Nick works on. Having minor initial knowledge in these languages and concepts, Nick has enjoyed learning and understanding these, both on his own and from his project members, as he worked to help bring these projects to fruition.

Past Students

Samuel Barton

Computer Science, Physics, Minor in Mathematics

Projects at MCSC: Betaport, Sensor Project, RFID card reader driver application
What has been your most proud work at MCSC? "Building the Beta Port infrastructure."
What has been the best part about MCSC? "The cutting edge research we do."
How has MCSC made your career path easier to navigate? "It enables one to establish a great network of professional connections all throughout the technology world."

Storme Charette

Computer Science

Projects at MCSC: METI
What has been your most proud work at MCSC? "The work I've been doing to create a development platform for MCSC developers."
What has been the best part about MCSC? "I love that I am allowed to solve problems at my own pace and in my own way. There's less pressure to 'meet the deadline' than there is to learn and improve my skills."
How has MCSC made your career path easier to navigate? "My work at MCSC continues to expose me to elementary problems and development challenges in a safe environment. This will equip me with confidence in tackling bigger and better problems when I start my career."

Christina Costello

Computer Science

Projects at MCSC: Betaport, MCSC's Website
What has been your most proud work at MCSC? "Building a website with Django, writing a Python web spider, and building a website with AngularJS."
What has been the best part about MCSC? "The flexibility I’m afforded to work on what interests me."
How has MCSC made your career path easier to navigate? "Working at MCSC has shown me how broad and pervasive the issues of cyber security really are, and that will inform me wherever my career takes me."

Tyler LaBerge

Computer Science

Projects at MCSC: Truman Show Web Traffic Simulator, Beta Port SCADA, AIS/Kismet Decoder and Plotter.
What has been your most proud work at MCSC? "I'm very proud of the AIS decoder program I created. AIS message's are coded signals that all ships and vessels send out. They contain information such as a vessel's name, longitude and latitude, etc. The AIS messages can be picked up with a radio antenna and then fed through my program to decode them into a human readable form and plotted onto google earth. I had to do thorough research into the protocol of AIS messages and how each part of the message is encoded in order to write this program. The end result was extremely satisfying. Being able to pick up AIS messages from ships here in Portland and then plot them on google earth with detailed information about each ship is something I think is very cool, and am very proud of."
What has been the best part about MCSC? "I think the best part of working at MCSC is being able to learn so many new things by working on real world projects. Every project I have worked on here has taught me something new and has given me invaluable experience."
How has MCSC made your career path easier to navigate? "I think having experience working on real world projects here will be the biggest help as I continue down my career path. Working on projects in the classroom is valuable however there is nothing like actually working on a big, complex project for the real world. Being prepared with this experience for the future will be incredibly valuable."

Alex Weeman

Technology Management, Minor in Business Administration

Projects at MCSC: Data Gate, Simutrans
What has been your most proud work at MCSC? "EACE Project."
What has been the best part about MCSC? "Working with smart, driven people."
How has MCSC made your career path easier to navigate? "Good experience, great connections with the business world, teaches project design and implementation similar to working in the IT business."

Caroline Whitman

Computer Science

Projects at MCSC: Truman show, Carbon Fiber Anvils site creation
What has been your most proud work at MCSC? "I'm proud of the carbon fiber anvil site I created."
What has been the best part about MCSC? "The family-like atmosphere."
How has MCSC made your career path easier to navigate? "It's helped my problem solving skills."

Michael Wong

Computer Science

During his time at MCSC, Michael played an influencial role in the production of Digital Barbarians, providing python-based frameworks for both Kracken and the Phishing Game.

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