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MCSC Introduces:
Maine's First Cyber Security Test Lab
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Maine Cyber Security Cluster (MCSC) Cyber risk is increasing in Maine. To combat and mitigate the risk, MCSC will: Train cyber security personnel; Conduct assessments in lab and at sites; Provide space, resources, and expertise for Cyber Security Research and Development.

Maine Small Business Security Summit (MSBSS)

The Small Business Security Summit has been cancelled. Please contact USM Conference Services with questions. You may reach USM Conference Services at 1-207-780-5960.

MCSC Featured on CBS News

On September 24 2014 CBS Evening News featured the Maine Cyber Security Cluster and its laboratory space, located on the USM campus, in a national story about educating students in arts and science of cyber security. The video and article can be found here.
Posted: September 2014

August Vulnerabilities and Notes from CERT

List of current vulnerabilities Posted: August 2014

P.F. Chang's Possible Data Breach

P.F. Chang's announced that it is investigating a possible data breach. Thousands of credit and debit card information may have been stolen. Read more about it here.

Current Vulnerabilities and Notes as Reported by CERT.

List of current vulnerabilities

Microsoft announced (3/24/2014) an in the wild exploit of Word v. 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013.

Because of the way Outlook and Word interact on the windows operating system this should be considered an outlook vulnerability as well but that portion of the exploit has not been seen in the wild.

The basic outline of the attack is to take advantage of a problem with how word handles RTF (Rich Text Format) files (*.rtf) to execute code that will install a backdoor and then other malware will follow. Microsoft is working on the issue.

This is a "nasty" exploit because it affects many systems and uses the rtf format that is often used to exchange documents between systems.

Microsoft's technical note can be found here.

For a greater technical discussion click here.

World's Biggest Data Breaches

A visual representation of the world's biggest data breaches. This page will allow you to choose the type of organization as well as how their data was leaked. Click the image below and take a look!

Vigilant Guard 14 Update:

MCSC in partnership with the Maine Air National Guard were able to provide simulated and real cyber events to private industry, local, state and federal agencies as part of the Vigilant Guard 14 disaster exercise by leveraging students and computer facilities from within the University of Maine System. In all previous drills of this nature the cyber event was confined to a "range" with results reported to other participants and these rarely, if ever, involved teams from multiple organizations.
The event was a success because:

1) We were able to integrate cyber events with other activities and thus provide a more realistic experience for the participants in VG14 and enabling them to complete some of their annual training goals thus saving money, time while improving the participants ability to respond to various forms of disasters.

2) Students gained work experience both within the cyber security and related fields along with the planning and execution of complex exercises.

3) The Maine Cyber Security Cluster, housed on the USM campus, proved that it was able to act as a nexus of contact between the University of Maine System, private industry,, local, state and federal agencies in the field of cyber security.

Two near term tangible outgrowths of the VG14 work will be a pair of classes targeting cyber security education and outreach within Maine.

The first of these classes will be a 4 hour event aimed at individuals and small organizations that wish to experience a cyber event and respond within a controlled environment.

The second of these classes will be a longer term "mini VG14" that will enable an organization to:

  • Integrate a cyber event into a larger disaster drill
  • Complete some of their annual cyber training
  • Test mutual aid for cyber events
The "mini VG14" will also expose students from the University of Maine System to working with government and industry partners.

News & Updates

MCSC Ribbon Cutting

Posted: August 2014
MCSC will be having it's ribbon cutting event on August 26th, 2014
More information can be found here.

MCSC Lab Build Begins!!

Posted: February 1, 2014
After a long process, the Lab is finally taking shape. We will be posting images of the build here so everyone can be part of the process...
Follow the build...

The Lab build is out to bid.

Posted: January 21, 2014
After 18 months of planning, preparation, and testing (including use during Vigilant Guard 14) the buildout for the Cyber Security Lab is out to bid. Up to this point donations of equipment have been accepted and...
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The 3rd Annual State of IT in Maine Conference

Posted: January 15, 2014
The 2014 Conference is currently being planned. This conference has provided great insight into many innovations in Technology today, and this year will equally enlightening. Stay tuned for more updates.

Images from 2013 Conference...


Posted: February 28,2013

USM is building Maine's First Cyber Security Laboratory.
As a shared and secure testing and evaluation environment, it will allow private and public entities to refine their technology infrastructures and code on the fly, help them to clearly identify their competitive advantage by testing their products against some of the most advanced cyber security products in the world, including testing and evaluating products from major global vendors before installing these products in their infrastructure, and help entrepreneurs define the true commercialization potential of their innovations prior to approaching investors....

Follow the Build...

Maine Small Business Security Summit

The Maine Small Business Security Summit is a working conference where business owners CEO's and their teams can share and learn from their peers, and develop actionable cybersecurity strategies they can apply regardless of industry or business size.
Click here for registration and more info.

Posted: August 2014

MCSC, CSO and USM Introduce:

The Small Business Cyber Security Guide

This guide was created to provide an overview of cyber security best practices for small businesses and to be a starting point to plan how to follow these best practices. Cyber security intrusions are very real and are increasing daily....

Download SBCS Guide     Download SBCS Trifold

Updated: October 2013